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  • Company Introduction

    So far, Shenergy Group has possessed more than ten second-wholly-owned and share-holding sub enterprises such as Shenergy Limited Company(SH600642), Shanghai Gas Group and Orient Securities(SH600958), and has shaped industrial development pattern that “electricity and gas develop together, industry combines with finance”.


    Datas Shenergy

    Total Assets
    Total Assets(2018)
    Total Turnover
    Total Turnover(2018)
    Total Proflt
    Total Proflt(2018)
    Market value of Financial Assets
    Market value of Financial Assets(2018)
    Rights Installed Capacity
    10.64million kW
    Rights Installed Capacity(2018)
    Share-holding Installed Capacity
    10.2million kW
    Share-holding Installed Capacity(2018)
    Rights Power Generation
    35.7billion kWh
    Rights Power Generation(2018)
    Share-holding Power Generation
    36.4billion kWh
    Share-holding Power Generation(2018)
    Coal consumption for power supply of share-holding plants
    Coal consumption for power supply of share-holding plants(2018)
    Scale of poeration of natural gas
    9.2billion cubic meters
    Scale of poeration of natural gas(2018)
    Subscribers of gas
    6.89million subscribers
    Subscribers of gas(2018)
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